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Today, companies seeking to increase brand awareness in the local market or to provide competitive advantage in the international markets are looking for special software solutions to suit their needs. with expert teams in software development and project management, ay bilişim offers a solid technological infrastructure as well as a professional design service that provides ease of use while developing software solutions specific to companies.

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Ay bilişim, auto gallery web sites, rent a car web sites, e commerce web sites, restaurant web sites, spa web sites, Real Estate Web sites, transportation web sites, personal web sites, hotel & motel web sites and the best service/product as soon as possible to offer dynamic and leading organizations in the race in time, using the power of technology and new communication tools  Ay bilişim takes the power of strategic thinking, the ability to focus on customer needs, the ability to use technology correctly and in place, the technological innovations it has developed and the confidence it has in the customer itself.  Ay bilişim takes advantage of the “benefit” element in every project it carries out. it expands customer demands and designs and implements innovations that will benefit both the customer and the user at every stage of the project.

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